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Services  Database Services

Databases have been an integral part of applications from the early mainframe systems right up to the most current web-based systems. Over time, corporations have collected information that can be analyzed to provide business benefits. Databases are used for OLTP applications, decision support systems, and mobile systems. An application solution with a database back end involves significant steps including selection, analysis and design, administration, and performance and tuning. Data warehousing and data mining technologies have emerged in the last few years to provide more complex mechanisms for extracting and viewing information. Thus it has become even more challenging to make your databases flexible and scaleable. Advanced concepts such as data distribution and replication are critical in a global marketplace requiring a 24x7 presence.

ICS has assisted clients in multiple ways to implement application solutions with large databases. Our data management services include:
  • Architecture, Analysis and Design
  • Administration, Performance and Tuning
  • Conversion and Migration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Replication
  • Load Testing, Benchmarking and Evaluation
  • Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer
Our database development and management experts are experienced with all of the major players in the database market, including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB/2. We also have expertise with popular open-source alternatives such as MySQL and the Berkeley DB.


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